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May 10, 2016
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Jimmy Visconti Mouth Fleshjack



Ever fantasised about what it would be like to spend one incredible night with your favourite adult film star, Jimmy Visconti? Well now you don’t have to…He’s teamed up with Fleshlight to create his very own Fleshjack – the ultimate adult toy for gay men everywhere.

As an exact replica of Visconti’s luscious lips, this Fleshjack has been designed specifically to create the same sensations experienced whilst getting oral from a lover. The skin-like texture is almost indistinguishable from real skin. When soaked in warm water and lathered in generous amounts of your favourite water-based lube, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your new toy and the real deal.

Along with being made from a real-feel material and being moulded from Jimmy Visconti’s mouth, Fleshlight have gone a step further – they’ve developed a ‘squeeze’ technology that mimics the whirlwind sensations experienced during oral sex. Use the cap to tighten or loosen the inside of the Fleshjack, or screw and unscrew it during play to intensify your pleasure.

When you’ve ordered our Jimmy Visconti Fleshjack, you’ll be left counting down the minutes until the day you get to lube up and slide in. To sweeten the deal even further and to ensure your Fleshjack lasts as long as possible, we’ll even send you a complimentary pearlescent blue case, some water-based lube, and, so you have something else to help get you in the mood, a signed photo of Jimmy.


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