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Dolph Lambert Mouth Fleshjack
May 10, 2016
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Jimmy Visconti Mouth Fleshjack
May 10, 2016
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Fleshjack Austin Wilde Ass



Featuring body casts of some of the hottest gay adult movie stars around, Fleshjacks offer an intensely realistic way to accentuate your fantasies. With this Austin Wilde Fleshjack, you’ll get to experience what having a good looking, athletic, gay adult film star all to yourself is really like. Austin’s butt Fleshjack is one of the most realistic male masturbators ever – partly because it’s an exact mould of his butt, but also because of the real feel skin-like texture.

Signed by Nextdoor Studios, Wilde is a true Adonis; one that’s given his own body to Fleshlight to create an incredible toy that men across the globe can enjoy. Use a liberal amount of water-based lubricant on yourself or the sleeve and you’ll be amazed about how much it resembles the real deal.

Once inside, you’ll marvel at the incredible texture of the ‘squeeze Fleshjack’ sleeve that mimics the feeling of Austin Wilde’s butt. The ribbed inside and the real feel material provide the same sensations you’d feel from Wilde himself and will lead to a out of this world orgasm. Heighten your senses even more by using the adjustable case: twist the base cap tightly to maximise suction or unscrew it completely for a more relaxed sensation.

If you’re ready to experience the night of your life with Austin Wilde, order your Fleshjack today. You’ll even get a bottle or our recommended water-based lube, a pearlescent blue case, and a signed postcard of Austin in the nude.


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