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Dolph Lambert Mouth Fleshjack



Dolph Lambert is often described as a blue-eyed-blonde-haired sex god and is known in the gay adult industry for his devilish charm and cheeky smile. He’s starred in a number of top gay adult films over the course of his career and is a favourite to watch amongst both straight and gay men.

One of his most angelic features is his pair of full lips – something that can be wrapped tightly around you with this mouth Fleshjack. As an exact replica or Dolph Lambert’s mouth, the tight opening and even tighter inside replicates the sensations of getting oral from Dolph exactly. It gives you the opportunity to live out your deepest sexual desires with your favourite adult film star.

The combination of the Real Feel skin material and the ribbed inside simulates an incredible blow job that will have you writhing in pleasure in no time. Further your senses by soaking Dolph’s mouth Fleshjack in warm water and fill it with your usual water-based lube to create a sensation that’s indistinguishable from the real thing.

Not only will you be waiting at the edge of your seat to give your new mouth Fleshjack a try, we’ve also sweetened the deal: With each Dolph Lambert Fleshjack, you also get our recommended water-based lube, a pearlescent blue storage case, and a signed postcard of Dolph in all his glory.


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